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Instruments for the analvsis of petroleum and environmental control


Full scale production of new devices for the automatic control features introduced in the technical regulations on fuel:

- ATF-01. The device is designed to automatically determine the limiting filterability temperature of diesel fuel and furnace on a cold filter. Reliable and easy to use and the technical characteristics is not inferior to the best foreign analogues.

- EL-4M. The portable device is included in the State Register of measuring instruments and used to measure the conductivity of hydrocarbon liquids, including jet fuel with antistatic additives and without them.

- ADP-02.The device is used to automatically determine the saturated vapor pressure of gasoline. After the modernization and improved temperature control system self-test and put the data interface.

Established manufacturer of innovative devices series of modifications LAZ: LAZ-M, LAZ-M1, LAZ-M2, LAZ-M3. Current models of apparatus for determining the freezing point, cloud point and oil are different from previous devices such as LAZ-93 increased reliability, ease of use and smaller in size.

Upgraded high precision thermostat LTN-03 and improved its performance.

Improved optical-electronic unit of the analyzer of oil content in water AN-2 and increased its reliability and accuracy. Provided for use in analysis of low-toxic and readily available extractant - tetrachlorethylene along with carbon tetrachloride, the use of which is prohibited in the EU.

Bomb apparatus IPB-1, designed to determine the induction period of gasoline, additionally equipped with a new unit with a protective membrane.

В 2011г. успешно проведены государственные испытания новых модификаций приборов АН-2 и ЭЛ-4М и получены соответствующие свидетельства со сроком действия до середины 2016г.

Разработаны, аттестованы и внесены в Федеральный реестр три методики измерений на анализаторе АН-2, предназначенные для определения содержания нефтепродуктов в воде, жиров и нефтепродуктов в воде и нефтепродуктов в почвах и донных отложениях.

В настоящий момент наша компания оказывает услуги по обработке металла: лазерная резка, гидроабразивная резка, гибка металла, порошковая покраска, токарные работы, фрезерные работы, расточные работы.