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Instruments for the analvsis of petroleum and environmental control

ATF-01 device for automatic determination of limiting temperature of petroleum products filterability

ATF-01 device for automatic determination of limiting temperature of petroleum products filterability
ATF-01 device for automatic determination of limiting temperature of petroleum products filterability
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Technical characteristics of the device:

The number of measuring cells one
Cooling of the cell Peltier elements and external cryostat of small power
Cooling levels -34oС, -51oС, -67oС
Accuracy in keeping temperature in cooling chamber oС from±0,5 to±2,0
Control of the sample movement in the pipette optical sensors
The system of vacuum creation micropump with electronic regulator of the vacuum
The way of information presentation digital display
Temperature sensor platinum thermometer
Accuracy characteristics correspond to standards
The ambient temperature from+10oС to +35oС
Parameters of power supply 220 V, 50Hz
Power consumption 800 W
Overall dimensions: apparatus 715х590х350 mm
Overall dimensions: external cryostat 460х360х625 mm
Mass 45kg
Warranty 18 months

The device allows to control automatically the quality of the petroleum products, most of all diesel and stove fuels, on the limiting temperature of filterability on the cold filter according to GOST 22254, ASTM D6371, IP 309 and EN 116.

Limiting temperature of filterability – is the highest temperature, by which the given volume of fuel doesn’t go through the standard filter in a set time under standard cooling conditions. The determination of the limiting temperature of the filterability of diesel fuels is regulated by Technical fuels regulation.

The device ATF-01 passed all the laboratory tests. On the ground of the given results the Technical Committee on the standardization TK-31 gave the Paper about correspondence of ATF-01 technical and metrological characteristics to requirements of standard testing methods and recommended ATF-01 to be used for quality control of petroleum products on such indicator as “limiting temperature of filterability”. The device is used in laboratories of petroleum storage depots, petroleum refineries and industrial enterprises of different branches, in standardization and metrology centers, research institutes and other organizations.

During the determination of the limiting temperature of the filterability on the device ATF-01 all the operations after test filling and setting the pipette with filter are totally atomized. Precision temperature regulator ensures the compliance with standard conditions of cooling, maintenance and measurement of temperatures of cooling chamber and samples. Digital panel constantly shows the main parameters during the analysis – the chosen temperature in the beginning of the analysis, time of lifting and draining of the sample, sample temperature, and all in all, the result of the determination – the value of the limiting temperature of the filterability. Simple guiding of the device is ensured by clear and handy user’s interface.

Original construction of the pipette automatical fixation allows to detect the moment of meniscus passing securely even in case it becomes misted over.

The validation of device’s units’ work occurs during the absorption of the sample, carried out at the beginning of the analysis at room temperature. The existence of this test mode also allows to identify laboratory staff errors that may occur during assembling and installation of the pipette.

Upon consumer's request, there is a supply of software for ATF-01 for processing, output and saving on the PC of the received on the ATF-01 data.