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KNS-2 Colorimeter for determining the color of paraffines

KNS-2 Colorimeter for determining the color of paraffines
KNS-2 Colorimeter for determining the color of paraffines
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Technical characteristics of the device:

Limits of measurements from 0 to 16 conventional color units
Reproducibility of measurements 2 divisions of the color scale
Power 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Power consumption 100W
Overall dimensions 440 х 270 х 325 мм
Mass 17 kg

KNC-2 is meant for instrumentation of GOST 25337 and is used for determination the color of paraffines.

The color of paraffines characterizes the degree of their purification from dark petroleum products and is a very important quality characteristic. The determination of color of paraffines on the KNC-2 colorimeter is executed by visual comparison of color of placed in special thermostatic cell melted products with the color of standard light filters, installed in the slots of the drum.

Colorimeter has a daylight filter and a color scale, which includes 16 glass light filters with set points of chromaticity coordinates. The heating and thermostating of the cell is provided.

The measuring limits – from 0 to 16 arbitrary color units in 1 unit.

Reproducibility of measurement results – two points of the color scale.

The colorimeter is certified during its production release and doesn’t need any further periodical checking and attestation. The external check of the colorimeter is provided, which examines the device for any visual defects.

Power – from alternative ac network with voltage of 220V and frequency of 50Hz.

Power consumption – 100 V/A.

Dimensions - 440 х 270 х 325 mm.

Mass – 22 kg.

The device has a warranty of 18 months.