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Instruments for the analvsis of petroleum and environmental control

EL-4M device for measuring the electrical conductivity

EL-4M device for measuring the electrical conductivity
EL-4M device for measuring the electrical conductivity
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Technical characteristics of the device:

first range from 1 to 100 pS / m and from 1 to 1000 pS / m (used in the manufacture of corrosion inhibitors for control of aviation gasoline and jet fuel without additives and with additives)
second range from 1 to 1000 pS / m and from 1 to 10000 pS / m (control of aviation gasoline and jet fuel with additives and drilling fluids)
Limit of specified error of the device at a temperature of +200 2%
The supply set includes electronic unit, measuring electrode, charger
Dimensions electronic unit 111x50x190 mm
Weight 0,21 kg

The device is designed to measure the electrical conductivity of jet engine fuel and aircraft fuel, and other hydrocarbon liquids, according to GOST 25950 and ASTMD1740.

Put in the State Register of the measurement device as the number № 32169-11 and has a certificate about being confirmed as a measurement device RU.C.34.001.А № 44276, issued by the Federal Agency on technical regulations and metrology, year 18.11.2011.

The quality control of petroleum products, related to the provision of the explosion-proof, has a special actuality. That’s why the EL-4M device for measuring the electrical conductivity is broadly used by airdrome services that provide fuels, laboratories of the oil refineries, petroleum storage depots, oil loading terminals and other enterprises.

The device is designed as a portable block with autonomic power, meant for being used under explosion-proof conditions in laboratories and in the open air. The measurement is carried out by the immersion of the measuring electrode into the controlled liquid. In the EL-4M there is a function of its operative work – while pressing the button CONTROL panel shows the meaning of the control point, included in the passport.

In the EL-4M device used a common battery “Corona” as a power source.

There are two modifications of the device for measurement of the electrical conductivity in the following ranges:

  • from 1 to 100 pSM/m and from 1 to pSm/m (applied during the production of the corrosion inhibitors and for control of the aircraft fuels and jet engine fuels without and with additives);
  • from 1 to 1000 pSm/m and from 1 to 10000 pSm/m (control of the aircraft benzines and jet engine fuels with additives and washer fluids).

The limit of permissible reduced error of the device at the temperature +20°С for all the ranges is 2%.

The device consists of the electronic module, measuring electrode and case.

Dimensions and mass:

  • electronic module - 110 х50 х190 mm, 0,65 kg;
  • measuring electrode - 21 х165mm, 0,21 kg.

Warranty – 18 months.