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Instruments for the analvsis of petroleum and environmental control

AN2 Laboratory analyzer of petroleum products and fats content in waters and soils

AN2 Laboratory analyzer of petroleum products and fats content in waters and soils
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an-ico.jpg Concentration meter 205 х 96 х 215 1,9 1
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kuv-ico.jpg   A cell 55 х 25 х 55 0,2 1
Ampule with a standard solution 1g./dm3 30 х 150 0,15 1
Maintenance manual with the certificate of state checking 1
Set of measurement techniques 1
Method of verification 1

The laboratory analyzer of the content of petroleum products in water AN-2 is used for quantitative determination of content of petroleum products in all water objects which are under control – surface and underground nature waters, potable waters, polluted and treated sewages, process waters and bilges and others. Analyzer AN-2 is included to the state register of measurement devices № 47681-11 and has a certificate which approves this type of measurement devices RU.C.31.022.А № 43767, issued by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology 05.09.2011y.

Developed by LLC NCHA-SPb methods of measurement on the Analyzer AN-2 were certified by metrology service of Saint-Petersburg State University, included in the Federal Register and approved to be used in the metrological control and supervision.

On the analyzer AN-2 the content of petroleum products can be identified by the method FR. 1.31.2011.11313 “The method of measurement the petroleum products mass concentration in water made on the analyzer AN-2” or by the method, stated in the maintenance manual of he device. Fats in water together with petroleum products are identified by the method FR. 1.31.2011.11315 “The method of measurement fats and petroleum products mass concentration in the water on the analyzer AN-2”. Analyzer AN-2 together with extractor for soils and grounds EG is used for soils analysis by the method FR. 1.31.2011.11314 “The method of measurement the petroleum products mass concentration in samples of soils and bed silts on the petroleum products analyzer AN2”.

Analyzer AN-2 is also successfully used for execution a number of methods for the state sanitary and environmental monitoring: RD 52.24.476-95; PNDF 14.1:2.5-95; PNDF 1:2222-98; PNDF 14.1:2: 4.168-2000; PNDF 14.1:2.189.02, GOST R 51797-2001 and others. Among the many users of the analyzer AN-2 are industrial enterprises of different branches – potential pollutants of aquatic environment as well as organizations which control the hydrosphere state. The first group includes enterprises of fuel and energy complex (NGDU, Refinery, Petrochemical, power plants, hydro power plant, nuclear power plants, etc.), metallurgical and engineering plants, agro-industrial associations, textile and food factories, trucking companies and rail depots, etc. The second group includes organizations of Ministry of Natural Resources and Hydrometeorology, subdivision "Vodokanal", pool inspection, sanitary-epidemiological stations, etc. In Russia, the CIS and the EU countries, are used several thousand analyzers AN-2, providing determination of content of petroleum products and fats in water and also petroleum products in soil.

In the last modification of the analyzer AN-2, that is available now, there is an improved optical – electronic circuit and the latest electronic components are used. For each measurement there is an automatic self-test of the analyzer during which the necessary corrections are made. This allows to improve the measurement accuracy and stability of the device’s work.

According to the introduced into the Federal register methods FR.1.31. 2011 11313, FR.1.31.20011.11314 and FR.1.31.2011.11315 analyzer AN-2 in contrast with its domestic analogues can work on the low-toxical and available extractant – perchloroethylene along with carbon tetrachloride, use of which is forbidden in EU countries.

Measurement range of concentrations:

  • petroleum products in water, mg / l - 0,02-1000;
  • petroleum products in soil,% mass - 0,005-10;
  • fats in water, mg / l - 0,04-1000.

Technical characteristics:

  • error of analyzer corresponds to GOST 27 384;
  • ambient air temperature - from +10 to +35;
  • power options: from ac network, with the frequency of 50Hz and voltage 220V or dc network with voltage= 12V;
  • power consumption - less than 5 watts without any extractors and less than 16 watts with 2 extractors;
  • warranty - 2 years;
  • life - at least 6 years.

There is a free instruction for operating staff, it is possible for our specialists to install the equipment in the client’s place and also there is an additional delivery of reagents and certified verifying mixtures.

The periodical checking of the analyzers is provided.