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Instruments for the analvsis of petroleum and environmental control

ADP – 03 device made for determination of pressure of saturated fuel vapors that contain air

ADP – 03 device made for determination of pressure of saturated fuel vapors that contain air
ADP – 03 device made for determination of pressure of saturated fuel vapors that contain air
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Technical characteristics of the device:

The range of the measured pressure from 0 to 150 кPa
Discreteness 0,1 кPa
Operating temperature measurement 37,8 ± 0,10 oС
Chamber volume 15 sm3
Sample volume 3 sm3
Ratio of volumes gas/liquid 4/1
Power consumption of the device 40 Vt
Power consumption of the vacuum pump 160 Vt
Convergence and reproducibility of results GOST Р ЕН13016-1
Dimensions of the device 305 х 272 х 284 mm
Mass of the device 7,3 kg
Dimensions of the vacuum pump 271 х 167 х 195 mm
Warranty 18 months

The device ADP-03 is designed to determine, the occurring in the total vapor vacuum, saturated fuel vapors and air that is contained in them, according to GOST P EN 13016-1-2000 and totally meets the requirements of international standards ASTM D5191 and IP394.

The device ADP-03 is used in the laboratories of the oil-processing and petrochemical industrial enterprises, petroleum storage depots and terminals, research institutes and CSM manufacturers, haulage companies and other consumers of petroleum products. The device is used under following conditions:

  • ambient temperature: from +15 to +350С (288-308 k);
  • atmospheric moisture capacity: 80% at the temperature +250С;
  • atmospheric pressure: from 84 to 104 kPa (630-800 mm Hg);
  • power: ac network with voltage (220 ±22) V, frequency (50±1) Hz.

The measurement process is totally atomized. The only thing which is needed from the operator is to bring in the fuel sample into the vacuum chamber with the help of the syringe and to activate the measuring cycle by pressing the button. ADP-03 device registers the pressure automatically in case three successive registrations coincide within the limits ±0,1kPa. There is a sound signal and the panel shows the result of the analysis as two values: ASVP – pressure of the saturated vapors, which contains air, the result of direct measurement of vapors pressure of the fuel, saturated by air in the vacuum chamber; DVPE – the equivalent to pressure of dry saturated vapors by Reid, calculated by the correlation equation:

DVPE = 0,965 ASVP – 3,78

The meaning of the DVPE fuels, which do not contain any alcoholic oxygenates, almost coincides with the result of the analysis on GOST 1756 and ASTM D323 (Reid method).

During preparation and executing of measurements, which usually lasts for 10-15 minutes, ADP-03 device constantly provides examinations of the work of main units and shows the information about the detected errors on the panel. In case of any errors in thermostating block, the tracking system turns off the heating elements.

ADP-03 device passes the initial assessment during its release from production and is delivered to consumers in a regulated state, which is proved by certificate and corresponding marks in documentation.

ADP-03 device is handy and reliable while being used, doesn’t have any domestic analogues and according to its technical characteristics is not inferior to foreign models.