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Turning is a way of metalworking

Turning is a way of metalworking

Turning is a way of metalworking. There are many ways of metal work, but lathe work remains in demand being the only way of manufacturing of unique details and mechanisms.

Turning metal includes various types of operations:

  • cutting the inner and outer revolving surfaces, including tapered and cylindric surfaces;
  • chamfering;
  • facing;
  • boring;
  • filleting;
  • core drilling, boring and reaming;
  • grooving;
  • turning;
  • external and internal threading.

Turning on the CNC machine

By means of lath work turned components are created: bushings, wheels, pins, сone pins, flanges, rings, couplings, shafts, axles, nuts.

Turning operations are performed by highly qualified specialists using the most modern equipment and instruments.

Maximum technical characteristics of CNC lathes:

  • center height - 280 mm;
  • distance between centers - 2000 mm;
  • swing of lathe - 554 mm;
  • maximum turning diameter - 830 mm;
  • maximum swing over saddle - 370 mm.

Our company performs lathe work of any degree of complexity, observing the standards and norms of the customer. Both the price and production times will gladden you.