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Instruments for the analvsis of petroleum and environmental control

Boring works

Boring works

Our company accomplishes the coordinate boring operations of any difficulty. Employee’s high qualification and advanced unique facilities of the enterprise guarantees perfect quality and extremely high precision of the work fulfillment.

Superior quality boring - shaping and drilling

Standard metal-working machinery is focused on mass production and on execution of tasks that do not require absolute precision. Of course, every detail is to be sharpened strictly in needed sizes, and by this correspondence the skill of the executor is determined. But precision in the manufacture of the mounting bracket is one thing and quite another - the accuracy of the measuring device detail. Because such work requires special equipment, specific knowledge and master’s high skills.

The whole point is that boring is close to the standard drilling and milling processes, and is the final phase of the detail processing. However, coordinate boring operations include also quite unique actions, such as the manufacture of conical bores, processing butts in grooves, milling at various angles.

Performing boring work is notable for lower performance than standard drilling and milling. However, the level of accuracy of their work performance significantly exceeds.

Arsenal of absolute accuracy

Our company is one of the leading ones in the area of precise instrument engineering in Russia. The production process of the company is equipped with the modern coordinate boring and other metal-working tools to perform the work of highest accuracy.

Technical features of machines:

  • Endlong movements: X - 1016 mm, Y - 508mm, Z - 635 mm
  • Additional axis A - the fourth axis
  • Dimensions of a desktop - 1219 x 914 mm
  • Maximum table load - 1588 kg
  • Spindle power - 22.4 kW

Our staff includes highly skilled professionals having unique knowledge and experience in the production of difficult analytical techniques in their possession. Combining these two components, we confidently guarantee the highest quality of executing any type of boring work.

Our facilities and capacities allow us to perform any kind of metal-working work in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices. By the quality of execution, our products exceed their foreign counterparts, and the price steadily wins the competition.

We guarantee absolute correspondence of the end result with the drawing. Our experts are ready to offer their services for the professional creation or completion of the scheme. Also it is possible to manufacture any details by the customer pattern.

We draw your attention to the possibility of orders delivery along Russia and the CIS.