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Abrasive waterjet cutting

Abrasive waterjet cutting
Abrasive waterjet cutting of materials. We service delivery around the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Price per meter of cutting:
0.93 $

Waterjet cutting of metal is performed due to the high pressure of fluid. While passing through an orifice with a diameter of 0.2 - 0.4 mm, the water flow gets accelerated to a velocity of 900 m/min and directed to the cut surface. By abrasive waterjet cutting abrasives are added into the water flow. The two-phase system “water – abrasive” combined with controlled pressure jets allows this method to be applied to a variety of materials such as ferrous and non- ferrous metals, including titanium, stainless steel, composite, plastic, fiberglass, laminate, natural stone, ceramic tile , ceramic and glass. High accuracy is achieved due to the computer process control.

Advantages of this method:

  • no thermal effect on the material (cold cutting);
  • wide range of work material;
  • absence of melting or burning material on the edges of machined parts and in the surrounding area;
  • high quality cutting - abrasive particles polish the surface of the cut;
  • high accuracy of operations.

Abrasive waterjet cutting of materials is carried out according to the following technical parameters:

  • working area - 3000 mm to 6000 mm;
  • positioning accuracy - 0.2 mm;
  • cutting quality - Rz 20;
  • maximum material thickness - up to 200 mm.

We execute both serial and low-volume orders with domestic and the CIS delivery. We carry out almost all kinds of metal-related works.

Waterjet cutting can be performed of either our own or of the customer’s materials. To place an order for waterjet cutting send the drawing with requirements specifications to our E-Mail address.