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Surface-mounted LED luminaire series PSSV01-02

Surface-mounted LED luminaire series PSSV01-02
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Surface-mounted LED luminaire – is an efficient solution for illuminating all sorts of areas.

Qualified lighting of premises made for any purposes (living rooms, shopping halls, shops, classrooms, offices, industrial objects, etc.) has a positive effect on comfortable work or studying, on productivity, efficiency of goods displaying, security of manufacturing processes, and many other factors. Efficient solution for the lighting organization is such source of light, like surface-mounted LED luminaire. This device allows to reach optimal light conditions with minimum energy consumption, labor and operating costs.

You can buy high-quality and reliable surface-mounted LED luminaire for residential use, industrial application and other commercial purposes in the company " Neftekhimavtomatika – St. Petersburg ". We offer luminaries with different technical characteristics, which allow to choose the best option for the organization of lighting in correspondence with your specific objectives.

The advantages of surface-mounted LED luminaire, developed by our company.

The use of such luminary as LED lamp ceiling or wall mounted can significantly reduce the cost of electricity bills. Its distinctive feature is low power consumption, which, even in comparison with modern economical luminescent lamps, is reduced to two or three times.

LED lamps have very long operating life, working on the average of 50,000 hours; a wide operating temperature range from -600 C to +600C, total application security; resistant to diffetent vibrations and impacts . During their work, they do not flick but comfortably scatter the light, do not heat up, do not make noise and do not affect the power supply.

It is economically sound that the installation of such luminaries does not require any additional equipment and fasteners. Surface-mounted LED luminaire can be mounted on the acoustical or usual ceiling, wall and any other surface, using existing wiring and fixtures, as they are designed to be used with the public network and have standard fasteners.

The offered lights have an elegant and simple design, due to which luminaries fit perfectly an office, as well as a residential interior.