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Recessed LED luminaire series PSSV01-01

Recessed LED luminaire series PSSV01-01
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LED luminaire for ceiling type "Armstrong"

Specially designed LED luminaires of our production are efficient and safe. Every sphere of human activity is closely connected with significant energy consumption and costs for lighting of offices, houses, shopping halls, commercial or industrial areas and other facilities. To improve significantly the economic indicators of energy consumption during the business management activities one need to use as a source of light the build in LED luminaire. The produced lighting equipment is a unit that consists of a metal case and a light source – LED and driver - the secondary power source.

LED Ceiling luminaire - innovations in lighting.

The company " Neftechimavtomatika - SPb" offers quality and aesthetic lightings with LEDs for different applications : private ownership , production areas , shops and showrooms , offices etc. In our shop you can buy a durable LED luminaire with stable technical characteristics that meet sanitary standards and regulations, safety requirements and comfortable use.

The advantages of using the manufactured, by our company, LED ceiling luminaire «Armstrong ":

  • Low power consumption - compared with fluorescent lamps it is 2-3 times lower, with halogen - 10 times;
  • Long operational life - from 30,000 to 100,000 hours;
  • High efficiency of light flux use – up to 95 percent;
  • Environmental safety –doesn’t include any mercury and other harmful substances, so special utilization is not needed;
  • Excellent indicators for vibration resistance and mechanical strength;
  • High level of comfort: flicker absence (stroboscopic effect), noise and UV / IR radiation, good color rendering, switching on and off without any delays, the exclusion of electromagnetic interferences in network during operation;
  • Low operating costs;
  • Stable work in a wide range of line voltage, from 150 V to 280 V.

Technical characteristics

Recessed LED luminaire, which is offered by our company is characterized by the following parameters:

  1. Power consumption, which is from 28 to 32 watts, depending on the size of the light flux.
  2. Color temperature, including cold range – 5000 – 6000K, white range – 4000 - 4500K, and warm range – 2500 -3000K .
  3. A luminous flux of 2800 lumens , 3000 lumens , 3400 lumens .
  4. LEDs quantity which depends on the desired degree of illumination .
  5. Recessed LED luminaire series PSSV01-01